TNP-Sponsored Programs

Continuing education opportunities, from single-day workshops to multi-day courses (TN2), are being developed by TNP to compliment and enhance instruction received in the core course. Notice of these programs will be announced in the quarterly newsletter and posted on the website. Tennessee Naturalist graduates have priority in registration for these classes.


TNP workshops on invasive plants, wild edibles, rare plant monitoring, and forest ecology have been staged in different locations around the state. Potential topics for this format are endless, and suggestions are welcome. Fees for these one-day events typically range from $20 to $50 depending on the topic, instructors, and materials.


TNP created a model for additional courses of advanced instruction, collectively called TN2, that expand upon the basic TNP course curriculum to delve into individual topics more thoroughly and, where possible, merge this instruction with skill development related to more specific volunteer opportunities. These in-depth TN2 courses are designed for 20 to 40 hours of concentrated instruction for certified Tennessee Naturalists to gain better understanding and greater command of particular aspects of Tennessee¬ís natural history. TNP conducted two 40-hour courses on Field Botany and has geology courses in development. Other topics are under consideration.  In general, TN2 registration fees are scaled similarly to the original course, yet will vary according to hours, instructors, or other costs. These courses may have additional associated expenses, such as books, equipment, travel, accommodations, and meals.