Logging Education & Volunteer Hours

Education and volunteer hours may be logged into the database by clicking the "Log In" tab at the top of this page.  The feature is only available to current and past Tennessee Naturalist students, and does required an account and password.  Your chapter coordinator will provide you with your login credentials once you have fully registered for your Tennessee Naturalist course.  You will receive training on how to navigate through the various aspects of the student portion of the database through our online training manual.

Once you have entered hours into the database, your local chapter coordinator will be notified and will need to review and approve your work. To receive certification, students must attend 40 hours of core classes and log 40 hours of volunteer service.  Class attendance is recorded by the chapter coordinator.  To receive award pins for advanced levels, students must continue to log volunteer and continuing education hours.

Access to the database can be found at the top of this site on the right side under the "Login" button.  If you have questions about logging education and volunteer hours, please contact your local chapter coordinator, or visit our Contact Page for further assistance.