The Tennessee Naturalist Program strongly encourages continued education and volunteer service.

Certified Tennessee Naturalists may earn additional hours in both continuing education and volunteer service, and receive milestone recognition with special Tennessee Naturalist hour pins.  There is no time limit for reaching these milestones;  the pin is awarded when the requisite hours are completed.

When a certified TNP student completes an additional 10 hours of training and 40 hours of volunteer work they are eligible to receive a new pin indicating "50 hours". Continued participation earns pins for 100 hours, 150 hours, and 200 hours. 

After the 200 hour point, 20 additional hours of training and 80 hours of volunteer service are required to be awarded the 300, 400, and 500 hour pins. 

Finally, pins awarded for levels above 500 hours - 1000 hours, 1500 hours, 2000 hours and so on - require an additional 400 hours of volunteer service and 100 hours of continuing education.

Chapter coordinators regularly check and approve all hours; however, it is helpful if students who have reached a milestone alert their coordinator so a pin can be ordered.