Cummins Falls State Park TNP Chapter

Holly Taylor Assistant State Naturalist

Phone: (931) 268-7223



390 Cummins Falls Lane
Cookeville, TN 38501

Cummins Falls State Park is 306acres of rugged forest and reclaimed farmland along the Blackburn Fork State Scenic River on the Eastern Highland Rim. It is most famous for its 75 foot waterfall cascading into a plunge pool which has served as a swimming hole for local residents stretching back at least 100 years. The river was named for Sergeant Blackburn, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, who was awarded the land in the 1790s in lieu of a pension. In 1825 the land was acquired by Jon Cummins who used the land to build two mills. As a result, this site became a popular destination for both commerce and recreation. The mills were washed away in the great flood of 1928, but the site continued to be a popular swimming and scenic destination. The land remained in the care of the Cummins family for more than 180 years until it was purchased with the combined efforts of Tennessee State Parks and the Tennessee Parks and Greenways foundation through public and private donations. Within the park can be found hemlock cove and mixed hardwood forests, as well as managed field habitats with several trails running through both. The Visitor Center was dedicated to legendary State Naturalist Mack S. Prichard, who was a champion for conservation and responsible for saving many of our most iconic State Parks and Natural Areas in our state.

Classes meet in the conference room on site, but field trips to nearby areas will likely also be included in the class schedule. Lodging is available at the Old Mill Campground adjacent to the park, or within a 15-20-minute drive at nearby Cookeville.